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Do you still remember the soap opera Betty La Fea, which was once very popular in Indonesia and even in the world? Due to its popularity, this Colombian soap opera has been broadcast in more than 180 countries, in 25 languages, and adapted more than 28 times.

Even in Mexico itself, Betty La Fea's soap opera is back on the Azteca 7 television station Monday through Friday at 8 o'clock at night. Netflix, which does not want to be left behind, the provider of digital media streaming services, now also presents the first series that aired on October 25, 1999.

Now, there is shocking news from the cast of Beatriz Pinzón Solano. It turned out that Ana María Orozco, the actress who played Betty La Fea, in real life she had married an actor who was one of her antagonists in the series that is over 20 years old.

Wow, who did she marry to? Was it with Armando Mendoza, the handsome boss who secretly tugged at her heart? With the handsome Michell, always so charming? Or with the best friend, Nicolas Mora?

Apparently with none of the three. So who was it with? It turned out that in real life, the man who had married Betty, was the batik designer Hugo Lombardi!

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Ana María Orozco and Julián Arango  (Foto: Instagram @telenovelas_80)

It is surprising, considering that during the series there is no closeness between the two actors. This is proof that Ana María Orozco and Julián Arango, like Betty la Fea and Hugo Lombardi, are very professional and successfully play their respective roles.

Before acting as the designer of Eco Moda in Betty La Fea, Julián Arango was already a popular actor with recognized acting skills in Colombia.

The couple reportedly met when they filmed the soap opera 'Difficult Times'. They met again, later, during the recording of the soap opera 'Qué Perro Amor'. It was in this production when Ana María and Julián Arango fell in love.

A year later, precisely in 1999, Ana María Orozco and Julián Arango were married in a simple ceremony. A closed reception was held and only close friends and family attended.


Unfortunately, the marriage of the two soap opera stars did not last long. The marriage ended only six months later.

Although almost 21 years have passed, so far no artist has clarified the reason for their separation. The castmates of Betty la Fea are also very careful about this issue.

Dora Cadavid, who gave in an interview with Mexican television Azteca, apologized for not being able to reveal what happened at the location, but confirmed that both Ana María and Julián Arango were injured by the breakup.

Some rumors emerged regarding the cause of their separation. According to some reports, the separation occurred because Julián Arango used his role as Hugo Lombardi to insult Ana María, who physically played the role of Betty.


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Ana María Orozco and Julián Arango  (Foto: Instagram @telenovelas_80)


The scene was stopped because the Betty actress, who was also his wife, cried because she felt hurt. But this was immediately denied by the actor. According to him, as a professional actor, he would never confuse work problems with his personal life.

Meanwhile, different things were expressed by the LasZorillas website. According to the Colombian portal, the cause of their marriage was due to Ana María having a love affair with the photographer Pedro Franco at the location of the recording.

After the divorce, Julián Arango, depressed, had asked the director to postpone the scenes where he had to see Ana María. But because filming had to continue, the actor finally put his ego aside and continued filming where he had to see his ex-wife and new partner every day.

Although Ana María and Julián Arango have a bitter past, both have become good friends. It was verified that both followed and liked the posts on their respective Instagram accounts.

Currently, Ana María continues her career as an actress in Argentina, having chosen to stay in the land of tango together with two of beautiful daughters, while the first one is successful as a comedian in the demanding Colombian market.

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