Dia De Las Madres   Regalo Delantal

Every year, on 10th of May, in Mexico, among other countries, we celebrate and spoil the woman who gave us life. However, few of us really know where this holiday comes from and how our country adopted it on the date we do it now.

The reason for the date, May 10, is quite clear to us. In 1914 when US President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother's Day on that date, the date proposed by Anna Jarvis, who after the death of her mother, decided to establish a day to recognize the hard work of mothers to society. The idea was accepted by many and eventually spread to other countries, varying between May 10 or the second Sunday of the month.

How it began to be celebrated in Mexico has an uncertain aspect. According to the research of Marta Acevedo, specialist in gender studies, the festival was established, accompanied by an aggressive campaign for procreation, with the successful goal of suffocating the feminism that was beginning to emerge at that time, and that was orchestrated by the Excelsior newspaper and supported by other means and conservative government institutions, and finally the Chamber of Deputies and the presidential decree.

Da De Las Madres Regalo
Gifts on Mother's Day

The official version says that the idea of ​​adopting May 10 to celebrate mothers, as in the neighboring country, came precisely from President José Vasconcelos, who relied on the Excelsior Newspaper, and thus, on May 10th. In 1922, Mother's Day was officially celebrated and for the first time in Mexico. Nothing is mentioned about the campaign for procreation or the feminist movements of the time..

Beyond the comings and goings of history, the date has been adopted, and celebrating with mothers in their day has already become a tradition. Consumption in restaurants, in gifts, cards and flowers grows, even more than during February 14, Day of Love and Friendship. Family reunions even exceed Christmas and New Year's. And schools hold festivals where children dance, perform, recite poetry and make gifts for the women who gave them life.





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