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Two popular Mexican actresses who star in the soap opera "Te Doy la VIda" (I Give You Life), which is currently on TV, are said to be infected with Covid-19.

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Do you remember the beautiful Thalía, protagonist of María Mercedes, Marimar and María la del Barrio? Here is the latest news from the Mexican Queen of Telenovelas.

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The couple of famous Indonesians, Baim Wong and his wife, Paula Verhoeven, are happy because they are already waiting for the birth of their first child.

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Miss Global Indonesia 2019, Tashianna Bhuller, successfully won the "Miss Social Media" title at the Miss Global International 2020 event that took place in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Elisa Carrillo Y El Trofeo

The Mexican Elisa Carrillo won the "Benois de la Danse" award, which is the highest award given worldwide, in the discipline of Classical Dance.

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The beautiful soap opera queen, who is also a successful Mexican singer, Thalía, received the President's Merit Award on the night of the XX Grammy Latin Award on Thursday, November 14, 2019 that took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

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Riefian Fajarsyah, better known as Ifan Seventeen (his musical group was called Seventeeen, because at that age he created it with his friends), he just experienced an extraordinary event while performing the Umrah (pilgrimage) in the Holy Land.

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Doll Island 360

1920px Xochimilco Dolls IslandIsland of the Dolls in Mexico (Photo: https: //es.m.wikipedia.org)

Mexico is known as a country that has many mysteries. From the mysterious disappearance of the Aztecs, the spooky Isla de las Muñecas, the news of the appearance of UFOs in the Silent Zone, to the existence of a witch home in the heart of Mexico. Here are 5 places that are considered ones of the most mysterious in Mexico.


1. The Island of the Dolls (Island of the Dolls)

The island of the dolls or Doll Island is a chinampa (small artificial island) in the Xochimilco region, in the south of Mexico City.

It is called the Doll Island because it is full of dolls, but these dolls are not cute and adorable, but old and scary.

According to local stories, the dolls were placed there by Julián Santana, a farmer who lived on the island 50 years ago, to scare away evil spirits.

 1920px Isla De Las Muecas 6Island of the Dolls in Mexico (Photo:https://es.m.wikipedia.org)

The story begins when Julián Santana discovers the body of a girl who is believed to have drowned in the waters near the island where he lived.

To commemorate the girl's death and prevent the arrival of evil spirits on the island, Julián Santana hung a doll on a tree. And from that day on, for more than 50 years, he continued hanging dolls until he died in 2011.


2. Great Tzompantli (Rows of Skulls)

August 20, 2015 is one of the happiest historical days for lovers of Mexican archeology. It was this day that the Archeology team of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico City discovered a structure made with 35 human skulls, identified as the Great Tzompantli of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, which is spoken of in the chronicles of the Spanish conquerors.

The Great Tzompantli was found on Calle de Guatemala No. 24, behind the Metropolitan Cathedral, in Mexico City Downtown. It is a temple dedicated to Huitzilopochtli, the god of war for the Mexica town.

Gran Tzompantli WikipediaGreat Tzompantli (Photo: wikipedia)

Tzompantli in Nahuatl means "row of skulls". The Great Tzompantli is an altar or structure made of wooden posts or fences where the decapitated heads of the sacrificed are placed.

According to the investigation, these rows of skulls belonged to prisoners of war brought to Tenochtitlán, which is now Mexico City, to be sacrificed to the Aztec tribal god, Huitzilopochtli.

Although the exact meaning remains a mystery, according to archaeologist Raúl Barrera, the existence of tzompantli is believed to function as a reminder of the Floridian Wars, which the Aztecs ritualistically maintained.

An important aspect of the Aztec war was the capture of enemy soldiers to offer them in ritual sacrifices, which can be seen given the number of sacrificed soldiers found around the Mexican buildings.

It is also believed, according to another hypothesis, that the tzompantli celebrates the death of the Aztecs.


3. The House of Witches (House of the healer)

If we take a walk through the neighborhood of Colonia de Roma, one of the most popular areas of Mexico City, just at the corner of Orizaba and Durango streets, we will find an apartment building called Rio de Janeiro.

The architectural style of this building is very unique and eccentric, very different from the surrounding buildings. The tower adorning the corner of the building resembles a witch's hat, while a pair of windows just below the eaves look like a pair of eyes, giving the facade of the house the impression of a sinister and mysterious face: the face of a witch. That's why the locals call it La Casa de las Brujas.

La Casa De Las Brujas En La Roma CulturacolectivadotcomIsland of the Dolls in Mexico (Photo: culturacolectiva.com)

The House of Witches is one of those places that contains mysterious and legendary stories that have not been solved until now.

In the building, built by engineer R.A. Pigeon in the early 20th century, a witch or healer named Barbara Guerrero, better known as 'La Panchita', is said she lived there.

"La Panchita" was born in the state of Chihuahua in 1900, and died in 1979 in Mexico City, the Mexican capital. But the stories of blood, screaming and pain that remain still haunt the building to this day.

"La Panchita" was a well-known curandera, an expert healer. She is said to perform operations on patients only by candlelight and without medical equipment.

She performed cardiac surgery on a patient using only a kitchen knife as a surgical instrument. He also performed organ transplants and tumor removal just with her hands, which kept her patients alive.

She is described as an extraordinary woman: a witch with a prominent forehead and eyes closed by a white membrane, one of the most famous healers in Mexico City.

But, in addition to being a healer, Pachita was also accused of several murders. Certain rumors suggest that the witch enjoyed torturing patients.

However, some people believe that with her techniques, the healer saved more people than certified doctors.

After the Mexican Revolution, various political figures visited the building, where they held spiritualist meetings. Exactly what happened at those gatherings is unknown, but it is believed that all sorts of evil rituals and spells were performed.

Over time, the story of the appearance of spirits and ghosts began to be told around the mysterious building. It is even said that the ghost of "La Panchita" still wanders through its corridors.


4. The Zone of Silence (Sunyi Zone)

The Zona del Silencio or Silent Zone is an area located in the central part of El Bolsón de Mapimí, a natural region of the completely remote part of the Chihuahua Desert, in northern Mexico, between the states of Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua.

The name of The Silent Zone, or Zone of Silence, is derived from the beliefs of the local population about the supposed magnetic anomalies that suppress radio waves.

Zona Del Silencio WikipediaSilent Zone en México (Foto: wikipedia)

La Zona del Silencio is full of stories and myths, from the end of time, people who mysteriously disappeared, the malfunction of all communication tools, to the appearance of UFOs and aliens.

Plants and animals living in the Silence zone are said to have not originated from the earth. Because the plants and animals that live and grow in this region are different.

This myth is reinforced by the testimony of pilot Francisco Sarabia. According to the pilot, when he flew over the Silent Zone, all of his communication devices suddenly stopped working.

The fame of the silent zone myth began when the US Air Force's Athens rocket carrying 2 small containers of cobalt 57, a radio active element, crashed in this area on July 11, 1970.

Shortly after the rocket crash, a team of experts immediately conducted the search. It took about 3 weeks to recover all the fragments from the rocket.

Once the remains were found, a highway was immediately built to remove both the remains and the land believed to be contaminated by radiation.

The search and removal of rockets was carried out with high security, by the United States Army, so that the local population could not see the remains of the rocket.

So much secrecy arouses suspicions and makes rumors. Soon after, a local Ceballos resident, Durango, admitted that he found a place where the radio was not heard.

This phenomenon was later investigated by specialists from the city of Torreón. A hypothesis arose about the existence of a kind of magnetic cone over the region, which could, theoretically, ionize the surrounding atmosphere and block radio signals. And this is where the legend begins.


5. Comala Magic Zone (Comala Magic Zone)

For years, it has been believed that at km 6 of the federal highway number 16 of Comala, in the state of Colima, Mexico, it has an amazing magnetic anomaly.

At this location, it is said that if a vehicle is in neutral and we release the parking brake, it will start to move uphill on its own.

The cars move, apparently, attracted by a strange energy that moves against gravity. Due to this rare phenomenon, this place is called the Comala Magic Zone.

Screenshot 20200705 162753Comala Magic Zone (Photo: ss google street view)

The strange phenomenon was reportedly discovered when, one day, the car in which a group of people was traveling suddenly stopped working as they were climbing a hill.

The driver put the car in neutral position and that's when the car, apparently on its own, started to move, but instead of descending the hill, which would have been expected, it started to move uphill, as if there was a weird energy that he was pushed up against gravity.

Hearing the news, local residents came to the scene to prove the existence of that strange energy that defied gravity, using balls, bottles, cars, liquids and other objects. Many of them later claimed to have received surprising results.

Rumors of this strange phenomenon quickly spread across the country. As a result, Colima was flooded with tourists who were curious about the existence of this Magic Zone.

Opinions were divided. Several tourists said they were disappointed, because after trying to experience the existence of this strange energy, they did not find it. However, others, on the contrary, assured that the phenomenon was real.

To scientifically prove the truth of the phenomenon about the alleged magnetic or foreign energy anomalies in the Magic Zone, several students from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Colima conducted a series of studies and experiments at the site.

W G Estudiantes En Zana M  Gica BWG Students In Zana M Gica B
Colima University Students doing tests in the Magic Zone (Photo: www.ucol.mx)

From the results of the investigations and experiments carried out, it was concluded that the phenomenon of objects moving against the force of gravity was only an optical illusion due to the perspective that motorists were led to believe that they were going to be uphill when they actually went slightly downhill.

In the Comala Magic Zone, all kinds of strange or supernatural energies were discarded, including anti-gravity magnetic anomalies. However, even now, there are tourists and curious people who stop and try to show that the strange energy is real.


Source: Various sources

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