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The brightness of the rainbow that bloomed in the sky, eclipsed on the horizon the town of Taxco, which emerged as a series of buildings of classical colonial architecture bordering the green hills. The surrounding mountains looked like green carpets stretching gently towards the beauty of the "magical town".

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Comida mexicana

Traditional mexican food

Yes, hearing the name taco certainly reminds us of Mexico, because this plate is as Mexican as the rendang is Indonesian

But the popular Mexican food isn't just tacos. There are still many traditional Mexican foods that are no less tasty.

Here are 10 of Mexico's favorite traditional foods.


1. Taco

In the first place, of course there is a taco. Tacos are Mexican specialties consisting of rolls or tortillas that are filled with various kinds of topping in them.

Tortillas are unleavened bread made from corn flour or flat flour. This tortilla is filled with various foods on it, usually meat, sliced ​​onions, sliced ​​nopal or cactus leaves, silandro or coriander leaves and chili sauce. Tortillas that have been filled with food are then eaten by folding or rolling.

Taco 4709325 1280

Taco (Foto: pixabay )


2. Tamales

Tamales reminds me of Lontong, the rice cake in Indonesia. The difference is that they are made with corn flour and before cooking, they are wrapped in corn or banana leaves. Every portion of corn flour is usually filled with a variety of contents ranging from meat, mushrooms, to sea food which is added with chili, vegetables, and even fruit.

For Muslims or those who don't eat pork, make sure that the tamales we buy don't contain pork.

Tamales is a traditional food native to Central America but, according to Wikipedia, Mexico is the country with the most diverse types of tamales in the world, which reportedly reaches up to 5000 types.


Tamales (Foto: quetalmexico)


3. Quesadilla

Quesadilla in Spanish means 'a small object containing cheese'. Quesadilla is a Mexican dish consisting in flat tortillas made from corn flour, which are folded in half, containing cheese, meat, mushrooms, peppers and other ingredients such as cream which is eaten hot.

The simplest quesadillas is usally only a tortilla, then folded and baked until the cheese melts.



Quesadilla (Foto: pixabay)


4. Huarache

Huarache in Spanish means Sandal. So named because this type of food looks like the type of footwear.

Huarache is a traditional dish that is very popular in Mexico. This type of food consists of mass corn flour dough filled with crushed pinto beans and then flattened., getting its characteristic oval shape, from where it comes its name, and it is then fried or roasted.

After frying, huarache is given various variants of topping according to taste. Usually contains shredded chicken, sliced ​​onions, sliced ​​shallots, cilantro, green or red chili sauce, and it ends with a sprinkling of cheese or cream.

 Tlacoyo Huarache

Huarache (Foto: Pixabay)


5. Mixiote

Mixiote is a meat dish, usually goat meat or rabbit, but nowadays it is also used chicken, lamb and even pork, which is wrapped in a maguey skin membrane and cooked for a very long time.

The process of cooking this dish requires patience. Meat that has been cut and then seasoned with aromatic chillies such as guajillo and pasilla, as well as spices such as thyme, marjoram, and bay leaves.

Sometimes sliced nopal leaves are included in with the chunks of meat before being wrapped to give it a distinctive taste. After that,the mixiote is steamed for 11 to 12 hours until the meat feels tender.

RedMixiote Wikipedia

Mixiote (Foto: Wikipedia)


6. Guacamole

Guacamole is one of the most popular Mexican sauces that is loved by Mexicans. The basic guacamole is made from avocado and green chili, plus cilantro, lemon, onion and salt.

Guacamole is suitable to be eaten with various other types of Mexican food like sauces in Indonesia, such as tortillas to become tacos guacamole. It can also be with totopos (snak chip tortilla), or as dressing for quesadillas and huaraches.

 Guacamole de aguacate2

 Guacamole (Foto: Pixabay)


7. Mole

Mole is a common name for several types of sauces used in Mexico, is one of the traditional dishes made mainly with different chilies and spices.

Currently there are more than 50 types of mole in Mexico. But the most famous is Mole Poblano from the state of Puebla.

Mole Poblano has a dark color and spicy taste, which is made from ingredients including cocoa, chocolate, peppers, tomatoes, almonds, sesame, raisins and onions. Mole is usually served with tortillas, rice, vegetables and meat.

Mole Poblano Con Arroz Blanco Wikipedia

Mole Poblano (Foto: Wikipedia)


8. Pozole

Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup. This soup is made from pozole Corn kernels (giant) with meat, which is accompanied by lettuce or cabbage, chili, onion, garlic, radish, avocado, salsa or chilli and lemon sauce.

Pozole usually uses pork. But we can replace it with chicken or turkey with a taste that is not less delicious. For vegetarians, you can also enjoy tasty pozole without meat mixture.

Pozole Pixabay

Pozole (Foto: Pixabay)


9. Enchiladas

The next food, which is a popular authentic Mexican dish, is Enchiladas. Enchiladas are foods made from tortillas that are rolled with various fillings in them, usually chiken, then doused with chili sauce or red salsa or green salsa, or even with mole, according to taste.

Enchiladas can be filled with anything, from meat, cheese, potatoes, vegetables, seafood or a mixture of all these.

Enchiladas can become even more delicious with additional topping such as chopped lettuce, chopped onion, radish, avocado and chesse.

Enchilada Pixabay

Enchiladas (Foto: Pixabay)


10. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are traditional Mexican dishes made from pieces of corn tortillas that are cut and fried until they become tasty and crispy chips, called totopos.

These tortilla chips are then doused with red or green salsa, according to taste. Chilaquiles are usually added with shredded chicken topping, onion, avocado, cream and cheese topping. It tastes like crackers doused with delicious liquid chilli sauce.


Chilaquiles Pixabay

Chilaquiles (Foto: Pixabay)

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El Moro 3}

Enjoying Churros snacks in Mexico won't be complete if you don't try the warmth, savory and crunchy churros, made in El Moro.

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Hundreds of Mexicans arrived at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Mexico City, where the ASEAN Bazaar (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) was held on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

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Nasi Tumpeng (rice cone) is one of the 30 traditional Indonesian culinary icons established by the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy in 2012. Tumpeng is prepared equally in both religious and traditional festivals or celebrations.

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Open House KBRI1

To strengthen the union among Indonesian citizens living in Mexico, the Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City held an open day on the second day of Eid al-Fitr 1440 H on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 in the official residence of the Ambassador.

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FICA 2019  Artesanias

Mexico is one of the countries with the most open attitude towards diversity and towards the world, and the FICA (International Fair of Friendly Cultures) is a clear example of this.

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Rendang is an authentic Indonesian food that has been recognized for its exquisiteness throughout the world. In 2011, rendang ranked first on the CNN International list of the 50 most delicious foods in the world. Then, in 2018, the rendang was officially designated as one of the five Indonesian national dishes.

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Senggigi Beach

The charm of the natural beauty of the island of Lombok and the unique culture of the people of Sasak make this place one of the favorite tourist destinations for exotic travel lovers.

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FICA Corredor En El Rea De Comida

The already traditional FICA (International Fair of Friendly Cultures) was inaugurated today, May 31, 2019, in the forest of Chapultepec, and will remain open to the public until the day of its closing, on June 16, 2019.

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Are you a lover of bakso and mie (Indonesian meatballs and noodle)? There are good news! The "Discovery" shopping center in the city of Kuta, on the island of Bali, Indonesia, it celebrating its Bakso Loves Mie Festival, the first and largest festival of meatballs and noodles in Bali.

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