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Rendang is an authentic Indonesian food that has been recognized for its exquisiteness throughout the world. In 2011, rendang ranked first on the CNN International list of the 50 most delicious foods in the world. Then, in 2018, the rendang was officially designated as one of the five Indonesian national dishes.

Rendang is a dish of meat, coconut milk, herbs and spices from the Minangkabau region of Indonesia. It is prepared by cooking the meat for a long time over low heat, with the milk and with the spices, stirring continuously until the broth dries.

The complete cooking process of the traditional rendang lasts approximately four hours.

When this delicious dish is ready to be served it is usually deep reddish black. While the rendang, which is cooked for a shorter time, with coconut milk that has not dried, is called kalio, and is brown or light golden.

If cooked properly, the dry rendang can be kept at room temperature for three to four weeks, it can even last more than a month if stored in the refrigerator, and six months if it is frozen.

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Mexican residents enjoying Padang Rice with Rendang (Foto: FB Renta Uli Panggabean)

In the Minangkabau tradition, the rendang is a dish that should be served at all important celebrations in the region, such as traditional ceremonies or to welcome guests of honor.

The delicious flavor of rendang, tasty and somewhat oily, with a slight spicy sensation, is addictive for anyone who eats it.

Rendang can be found in all Padang restaurants around the world and is popular not only in Indonesia, but in several Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines and Thailand.

Although rendang is an authentic traditional Minangkabau dish, the techniques for cooking it, as well as the choice and use of condiments, vary in each region.

Rendang generally uses beef, but, taking into account the condiments that are available, another type of meat can be used. Thus, there are rendang chicken, Rendang duck, rendang fairy (beef), rendang eggs (chicken eggs), rendang lung (beef lung), swordfish rendang, Suda renng, mussel rendang, the ram or sheep rendang, and the rendang eel.



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