El Moro 1

Enjoying Churros snacks in Mexico won't be complete if you don't try the warmth, savory and crunchy churros, made in El Moro.

Public places where delicious food is sold are often the mainstay location for Mexican audiences to relax while eating and chatting. In Mexico City there are many "El Moro" branchs in almost every area. The first one, established since 1935 over la avenida que hoy se conoce como Eje Central, una avenida cercana al Centro. Now is even one in the Condesa area, one of the most hipster locations in Mexico City.

The history of the origin of the churros is still unclear. Some people say it come originally from China, since the Ming dynasty time, brought by the Portuguese to Europe, especially Portugal and Spain, in the age of the Colony, was taken to South America and Mexico. Nut, now at days, just México has this kind of churros.

With the main mixture made with of flour and sugar, churros, which are printed in rounded elongated shapes, are fried until golden brown. Traditionally churros are rolled on sugar or cinnamon mixture.

Many people use to serve themself churros with various dippable drinks, such hot chocolate, milk, atole and others.

Not only delicious when consumed, churros are also often a dish for breakfast. It tastes sweet, savory, and crunchy. The price is very friendly in the pocket. At a price of 72 Mexican pesos, equivalent to 53,000 rupiah, we have got 4 delicious pieces.

The perfect fit is enjoyed with friends while chatting casually. As I was told by Katherin Aprilia, one of the Indonesian citizens from Jakarta who was enjoying a holiday in the country of Sombrero. According to Katherin the velvety red churros she tasted were very crispy, and match especially good with French chocolate. Would you like to try? (Inten)

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