Oaxaca City - 23/06/2020 (Foto: twitter @SkyAlertMx)

An earthquake registered with a magnitude 7.1, which was later renewed to 7.5, shook the territory of Mexico on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 around 10.29: 03 am Mexico City time.

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Landscape 4129533 1280

Indonesian territory has not been affected by the distribution of volcanic ash from the Taal volcano in Batangas, Philippines, which has erupted since Sunday, January 12, 2020.

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Earthquake 1790917 1280

Associated with the occurrence of seismic activity" Triplet", which is 3 strong earthquakes occurring in adjacent locations with almost identical forces, in Mindanao, southern Philippines, the Weather Agency for Weather and Geophysics (BMKG), through the press release, remember that similar earthquakes can occur in Indonesian territory.

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Mount Merapi, Indonesia, re-erupted on Friday, March 27, 2020, around 10:56 am, Indonesia's west time.

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Plastic Garbage

Since last Wednesday, January 1, 2020, the production and commercialization of plastic bags was prohibited in Mexico City.

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The Popocatépetl volcano, located about 72 km southeast of Mexico City, 43 km from Puebla, 63 km from Cuernavaca and 53 km from Tlaxcala, has maintained continuous activity during the recent hours.

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The Ministry of Public Education (SEP), given the world situation regarding the Corona virus, decided to advance and extend the Easter holidays to one month.

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Popocatepetl Volcano 09 01 2020

Today, January 9, 2020, there was an explosion in the Popocatepetl volcano, which displayed a colorful trail of smoke and ash.

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GempaAmbon BNPB

 A tectonic earthquake, with a magnitude of 5.2°, shook the Ambon region and its surroundings again on Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 11.39 local time.

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Choque En El Metro

The collision between two subway train cars resulted in 41 injuries and 1 death.

Yesterday, March 11, 2020, at approximately 11:30 p.m., two trains of the Metro Collective Transport System. This happened at the Tacubaya station, on the rail that goes towards the Observatorio Terminal.

Apparently, it was not a mechanical failure, but, because works are being carried out at other stations, there are detours, it caused confusion and, one of the trains, when reversing, hit another, who was entering the station.

The Mexican Red Cross transferred 11 affected in total, those who needed medical attention, 1 to the Central Hospital of the Mexican Red Cross, 8 to the Durango Sanatorium and 2 to the Magdalena de las Salinas Hospital.



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19 12 09 21 20 37 024 Deco

Hundreds of Mexicans arrived at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Mexico City, where the ASEAN Bazaar (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) was held on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

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19 10 06 15 58 15 174 Deco

A total of 13 climbers were caught in a forest fire around the hiking trail through Kalibaru, Mount Raung, East Java.

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The world today is worried about the outbreak of the Corona virus, due to its rapid spread.

According to data from, as of March 8, 2020, the number of cases of people infected with the Corona virus has reached 106,065 cases reported in 102 countries. Of them 3,598 people have died and 60,174 recovered.

In Mexico there are 6 positive cases of people infected with the Corona virus. 1 person has already recovered, 5 are still under observation and treatment.

In Indonesia, 4 positive cases of the Corona virus have been officially reported. All four are currently in the hands of local medical authorities.

The new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), or COVID-19, directly attacks the respiratory system. In most cases, coronaviruses only cause mild to moderate respiratory infections, such as the flu.

But in some cases, the Corona virus infection, especially if it is an especially virulent strain, can cause some serious complications such as pneumonia, secondary infections in other organs, kidney failure, acute heart damage, acute respiratory distress syndrome, which can lead to death.

Corona virus can infect any person, but the effect will be more dangerous or even fatal if it occurs in elderly people, pregnant women, sick people or people whose immune system is weak.

According to the research, 3 common symptoms of a person infected with the new strain of the Corona virus, or simply COVID-19, are fever, cough and shortness of breath. These symptoms appear within 2 days to 2 weeks after infection.

A person can become infected with COVID-19 through contact with fluids, such as inhaling splashes of saliva when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or putting their hands to their eyes, mouth or nose after having touched an object splashed and not have washed your hands Therefore, direct physical contact, such as shaking hands or giving a kiss or a hug to an infected person, is not recommended because of the high risk of inhaling.

To determine if someone is infected with COVID-19, the doctor will perform additional tests, such as blood sample analysis, throat smear tests and chest x-rays to detect infiltration or fluid in the lungs.

There is no vaccine to prevent infection by COVID-19. Therefore, the best way to prevent infection is to avoid risk factors. To do this, the following measures are suggested:

Avoid making trips to countries where the Corona virus has spread.

Wear a mask when you are outdoors, especially in public places or between crowds.

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or hand sanitizer that contains alcohol, especially after touching another person or objects that may have been in contact with someone.

Avoid contact with animals, especially wild animals. If you have touched them, wash your hands immediately afterwards.

Cook food well before eating, particularly meat.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the trash.

Never touch your eyes, mouth or nose without first washing your hands.

Avoid being near someone who is sick.

Always keep clean the objects in your environment that are often touched, such as door handles, railings, etc.

As for someone who suspects being infected with COVID-19, there are suggestions to take to prevent the virus from being transmitted to other people, including not leaving home except for treatment, staying away from other people and, if possible, use a bedroom and a bathroom different from those used by others. Avoid visits, do not attend meetings, do not share utensils for personal use such as cutlery or toiletries or bedroom.

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Earthquake 1665870 960 720

The National Seismological System yesterday published a special report on the earthquake that occurred on November 19, 2019 off the coast of Chiapas. Until the moment of the publication of the report, and of this note, a series of slight tremors, many of them imperceptible or very localized, has been crossing the seas of Chiapas.

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19 10 03 21 51 44 779 Deco

More than 1000 aftershocks shook the regions of Ambon, Kairatu and Haruku, in Maluku province, Indonesia.

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The murder of Fatima, added to the already several violent incidents in schools, which had not occurred until recently in our country (Mexico), has made it necessary to implement some actions to increase safety in schools and prevent kidnapping of students.

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IMG 20191117 170038

Mount Merapi erupted on Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 10:46 local time, with an eruption column height of around 1000 meters.

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Jos Jos Lbum

On September 28, 2019 at 71 years old, died, in the Miami city, Florida, United States, where he lived with his wife, José José, the Prince of the Song. Although he had suffered from pancreatic cancer, his daughter, Sara Sosa, said that was not the cause of his death. The legend simply had a delicate physical condition.

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Tsunami   Illustration

Today, at 13:10 hours, an earthquake of 7.7 ° was detected, 127 km north-northwest of Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica.

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Screenshot 20191114 111828

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) announced an early tsunami warning after an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 that shook the province of North Maluku on Thursday night, November 14, 2019 at 23:17 local time.

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