FICA 2019  Artesanias

Mexico is one of the countries with the most open attitude towards diversity and towards the world, and the FICA (International Fair of Friendly Cultures) is a clear example of this.

Despite being a country with a deep and proud identity, Mexicans are people who profess an equality, a curiosity, an openness and a respect for new things and differences from other cultures.

Thanks to Mexico's peaceful policy, the country keeps friendly diplomatic relations with many countries, even when they have no communication between them, and there are official bilateral representations (embassies and consulates). It is due to this opening that the FICA 2019, which took place in the Chapultepec Forest, in México City, involved 90 different countries, sharing in peace a cultural space where visitors and tourists could acquire some garment or souvenir from some distant and exotic place, or taste some Japanese dish accompanied by a Nigerian drink and a French dessert, or any other extravagant combination. This has not happened anywhere else in the world.

FICA 2019   Comida
FICA 2019 - International Dishes

In the previous image you can see some of the many options for eating and drinking that are in the FICA. From left to right and top to bottom:

1. Poh Soup (A delicious broth of veal or chicken, with Asian pasta and spiced with native vegetables, originally from Vietnam)

2. Sushi with rice (The typical dish originated in Japan consisting of rice, seaweed, surimi and cucumber, accompanied by hot sauce and rolls)

3. Beef skewers (Wooden sticks with bits of beef roasted in charcoal, seasoned in the style of Zimbabwe)

4. Kebab (The famous bread of the Arab countries stuffed with beef or lamb, this time from Palestine)

5. Cus-cus with lamb (The well-known and delicious Arabic rice, accompanied with marinated lamb, specialty of Senegal)

6. Spinach pie with cheese (A kind of sandwich or cake representative of the Republic of Cyprus)

7. T-chaka t-chaka (traditional Haitian drink, famous for being energetic, composed of at least 50 different fruits)

8. Gimbap (The South Korean version of the famous Sushi, with few differences to the original)

9. Sharbat (Also called Desert Water, it is a refreshing potion of water, lemon, peppermint and flowers, common in Algeria)



FICA 2019   Diversidad
FICA 2019 - Convivencia en Paz de la Culturas Amigas

In Mexico, all cultures are friends, and all their contributions and cultural manifestations are rich and welcome. At the FICA 2019 (International Fair of Friendly Cultures) it is possible to see, in the same cultural space, the cubicles of both North Korea, which exhibits beautiful paintings made with hand-woven silk thread, and South Korea, which offers an amazing variety of Asian style pastas and snacks. We can also visit the cubicles of the ancient peoples of Palestine and Israel, which, although united and separated at the same time by history, show, in Mexico City, equally, the richness of their cultures and traditions.

FICA 2019 will be open to the public until Sunday, June 16. If you are one of those who like different flavors, colors and styles, if you are a Citizen of this World, you can not miss it.

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