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An earthquake of magnitude 7.7 strucks the southwest region of Maluku on Monday, June 24, 2019 at 09:53:39 local time.

According to the reports of the BMKG (Agency of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics), the epicenter was found in the sea, 245 km northeast of the southwestern region of Maluku, with a depth of 231 km, at coordinates 6.51 LS, 129.27 BT.

Although this earthquake was unusually strong, the BMKG determined no tsunami potential.

The seismic shock, announced with magnitude 7.7, data that was later updated by the BMKG as 7.4 SR, was felt in Saumlaki V MMI, Tual III-IV MMI, Sorong III MMI, Kupang II-III MMI, Band, Waingapu, Ambon, Nabire, Merauke, Denpasar and Puncak Jaya II MMI.

According to information from the Chief of the Tsunami Earthquake Center of the BMKG, Rahmat Triyono, the earthquake was generated by a rock deformation with an impact failure mechanism.

So far there has been no information on the number of deaths or total damages caused by the earthquake. However, several residents in Bali, Kupang, Dili, Sorong and parts of Lombok said they were surprised by the strength of the shaking and its long duration.

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