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Joko Widodo - Ma'aruf Amin, the Candidate 01 (serial candidate), won over candidate number 02, Prabowo Subianto - Sandiaga Uno, in the 2019 presidential election for Indonesia in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. In the vote applied on April 17, 2019 yesterday, candidate 01 received a total of 110 votes, while the candidate 02, Prabowo, received 26 votes.

Of the total 139 votes that entered the PPLN Mexico City, a total of 101 were obtained through direct voting which took place at the TPSLN Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City on April 13, 2019. In the while, the remaining 38 votes were obtained through indirect voting via post.

Pemungutan Suara Di TPSLN Mexico CityPresidential election voting in Mexico City

According to information from PPLN Mexico City, actually the ballots sent by post reached more than 80 ballots. Unfortunately only 38 ballots were returned to PPLN Mexico City to count.

The amount of ballots that failed to return to the KPPLN was caused by the presence of a number of Indonesian citizens who changed addresses without confirmation, and the postal party was slow in sending back ballots.

The incident was enough to make a number of Indonesian citizens who failed to take part in the election via post claimed to be quite disappointed. (Eti)

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