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An earthquake with magnitude of 7.2 ° hit the east of Indonesia again. This time the earthquake shook the Labuha region, South Halmahera District, North Maluku Province.

The earthquake of 7.2 was recorded on Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 16:10:51, local time, with a depth of 10 km. The epicenter was on land, about 62 km northeast of Labuha, at coordinates 0.59 LS, 128.06 BT.

There were seismic shocks (MMI) V Obi, Labuha III, II-III Manado, II-III Ambon, II Ternate, Namlea II, Gorontalo II, Sorong II Bolang Mongondow II.

According to the BMKG, although the earthquake was large and shallow, there was no tsunami potential. Even so, due to its magnitude, it was felt intensely in several regions, which sparked panic among the residents.

On the basis of information from the National Directorate of the National Agency for Disaster Risk Reduction (PRB BNPB) on its official twitter account, @PRB_BNPB, the 7.2 earthquake felt especially strong in the Southern Halmahera Regency, reporting a duration of 2 to 5 seconds, which caused the local population to be frightened and leave their homes.

Meanwhile, several netizens who live in the affected area, shared in social networks fear of the powerful shaking they felt. The panic, which fortunately did not happen to major, occurred when temporarily, the sea water began to rise.

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Until 7:00 pm local time, according to the results of the BMKG monitoring, there was 27 replica with with magnitudes of 3.7 ° to 5.8 °. These replicas were felt only in the vicinity, especially in the area of ​​Labuha, the closest to the registered epicenter.

Until this news was revealed, the BPBD was still coordinating assistance to victims and accounting for the impact of the disaster.

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