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A new earthquake hit Indonesia again. The movement, with a magnitude of 6.0°, was felt to the south of the Province of Bali and its surroundings.

The earthquake attacked the Island of the Gods on Tuesday morning, July 16, 2019, around 07:18, local time. The epicenter was located in the sea at a depth of 68 km, 83 km southwest of Nusa Dua Bali, at coordinates 9.11 LS, 114.54 BT. Had no tsunami potential.

Based on information from BMKG, this earthquake was felt in V MMI (Modified Mercalli Intensity) in Badung and Nusa Dua Bali, IV MMI in Denpasar, Mataram, Central Lombok, West Lombok, III MMI in Karangkates, Sumbawa, North Lombok, II MMI in Jember and Lumajang.

Meanwhile, according to the team's reports in the field, as reported by BNPB's official website, the earthquake that affected the West Denpasar region caused students to panic and disperse through the field. However, it is reported that the situation has normalized.

In addition to Bali, it was also reported that the quake was felt in other regions such as Lombok, Banyuwangi, Probolinggo, Jember, Malang and Situbondo.

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