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The provincial government of West Java was forced to close the tourist area of ​​the Tangkuban Parahu mountain after the eruption of the volcano on the afternoon of Friday, July 26, 2019.

Mount Tangkuban Parahu, located in Bandung Regency, West Java, erupted on Friday (07/26) at 3:48:18 p.m. local time, expelling an ash column observed at an altitude of approximately 200 m above the peak (± 2,284 m above sea surface).

It was observed that the ash column was gray, with thick intensity, was inclined towards the northeast and south. This eruption was recorded on a seismogram with a maximum amplitude of 38 mm and a duration of ± 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Based on the monitoring of the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG), the fall of volcanic ash reached a radius of 1-2 km. Ash distribution was observed in the village of Jayagiri, Lembang District, West Bandung Area.

Meanwhile, according to the information published by the head of the BNPB's Data, Information and Public Relations Center, Agus Wibowo, in the BPBD of western Bandung, information was received from residents of the Cisarua district that the ash reached there. While according to the BPBD report, the eruption ash was not visible from the BPBD office west of Bandung, which is 17-20 km from the mountain.

Currently, Tangkuban Parahu mountain is at level I (normal), with the recommendation that people around Tangkuban Parahu mountain and visitors, tourists and climbers cannot approach the crater base of Ratu and Upas, nor remain in the active craters within the Tangkuban Parahu Mountain complex, as well as during cloudy weather and in the rain, due to the presence of volcanic gases that can endanger life.

It is also suggested to all the community around Mount Tangkuban Parahu, merchants, tourists, climbers and tourism managers, who are aware of phreatic eruptions, which are sudden and not preceded by clear volcanic symptoms.

Information source: BNPB, KESDM, Badan Geologi, PVMBG, Pos Pengamatan Gunungapi Tangkuban Parahu https://magma.vsi.esdm.go.id/ https://bnpb.go.id/

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