Aid Al Adha Entrada Del Deportivo

Today, Sunday, August 11, 2019, hundreds of Muslims gathered to celebrate Aid Al-Adha (Sacrifice Celebration) in Mexico City.

Aid Al Adha Inferior
Muslims gathered to celebrate Aid Al-Adha

Attendees, Muslim citizens of various countries, as well as Mexican Muslims, met in one of the sports venues of the Plan Sexenal Sports Center, which has the fortunate coincidence of being oriented towards the Quibla (pointing towards Mecca) and counts with large spaces, which greatly facilitated the celebration.

Aid Al Adha Comida Superior
Faithful muslims listening to the sermon

The event was organized by the A.C. Muslim Community Educational Center, which is based in the Polanco neighborhood, in Mexico City, and hosts the vast majority of Islam practitioners residing in Mexico.

Aid Al Adha ComidaSharing food

After the prayer in congregation and the sermon given by the imam, first in Arabic and then in Spanish, the community made a line to taste the food, which consisted of rice, and beef and chicken meat in oriental-style preparations.

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