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Dozens of Indonesians in Mexico celebrated the 74th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia at the Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City.

During the celebration, the Ambassador to Mexico, Cheppy T. Wartono, acted as ceremonial supervisor, while the escort guarding the red and white flag of the Indonesian nation was a combination of embassy staff and Indonesian teenagers.

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Ambassador Cheppy T. Wartono as ceremonial supervisor (Photo: Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City)

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Escort composed of Embassy staff and Indonesian teenagers (Photo: Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City)

In addition to Indonesian citizens, representatives from friendly countries, as well as students from the "Republic of Indonesia" Elementary School in Mexico City, also attended the ceremony.

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Students of the "Republic of Indonesia" Elementary School (Photo: Quetalmexico)

After the ceremony, Ambassador Cheppy and his wife, Yosepha Dewi Ariesanti, left the rice volcano (Nasi Tumpang) and handed it over to representatives of friendly countries and the people of Indonesia.

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Rice volcano court by Ambassador Cheppy and his wife Yosepha Dewi Ariesanti (Photo: Indonesian Embassy in Mexico City / quetalmexico.com)

The Indonesians who attended wore traditional costumes typical of their respective regions. The atmosphere was warm and cheerful, despite missing the land and the countrymen.

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Indonesians in Mexico wearing traditional clothes (Photo: quetalmexico.com)

Traditional dishes of the archipelago were served as rendang, bakwan and tekwan, thus complementing, increasingly, the source of hospitality amid the commemoration of the anniversary of Indonesia's independence in Mexico City.

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Ambassador Cheppy and the Indonesian people are ready to enjoy Indonesian specialties (Photo: quetalmexico.com)

Long live the Republic of Indonesia on its 74th Anniversary!

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