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A series of earthquakes with magnitudes below 3.5° shook the Lombok region in western Nusa Tenggara (NTB) on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

According to the BMKG monitoring results from Sunday, September 15, 2019 until 8:40 p.m. local time, there were a series of 7 earthquakes that were felt with a magnitude ranges from 2.7 to 3.3 degrees.

The seventh earthquake, which was recorded at 20:39:30 local time, had a magnitude of 2.8. The epicenter of the earthquake occurred at sea with coordinates of 8.54 latitude and 116.03 east longitude, about 19 km northwest of Lombok West, NTB, at a depth of 13 km.

The Head of the BMKG, Region III, Denpasar, the officer M. Taufik Gunawan, mentioned in his Instagram account that, taking into account the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, the earthquake that occurred was superficial, and due to the activity of an active fault, the result of the interaction of Flores (Back Arc Trust).

The impact of the earthquake, according to community reports, came in the form of crashes and was felt in the areas of Mataram and Lombok West II-III MMI (The vibrations felt real in the houses. As if a truck had passed). The results of the model of this earthquake showed no potential for tsunami.

The BMKG called on the public to remain calm, not to be afraid of rumors or unsubstantiated news, and to the local authorities to verify the state of residential buildings to see if they have been damaged or not by earthquake vibrations so that they are Your stability is compromised.

The public is requested to pay close attention and continue to practice practical steps to anticipate the danger of an earthquake, in pre-preparation, during and after the earthquake.

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