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The total area of ​​forest and land fires (Karhutla) in all regions of Indonesia, from January to August 2019, reached 328,724 hectares.

According to the report of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), until Saturday, September 21, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. in West Indonesia, of the total area of ​​forests and burned land, 2,288 critical points were observed in six provinces.

IMG 20190921 202137Karhutla infographic in Indonesia (Source: BNPB)

The 6 provinces include the province of Riau, with an area of ​​forest and land that burned until August and reached 49,266 hectares. The number of critical points that were monitored was 114 points.

The province of Riau is currently in a state of emergency, Karhutla has been there since February 19, 2019 and will be until October 31, 2019. The standard air pollutant index (ISPU) in the province reaches 314 points, with a quality of "dangerous air".

The air quality measured by ISPU has the categories Good (0-50), Moderate (51-100), Unhealthy (101-199), Very unhealthy (200-299) and Dangerous (more than 300).

On the other hand, the province of Jambi has a declaration of emergency alert status from July 23 to October 20, 2019. The forest and land area burned in August reached 11,022 hectares. While the critical points observed were 408 points. The ISPU index, in Jambi, reached 238 points, listed as a very unhealthy air quality.

In the province of South Sumatra the number of Karhutla for August was 11,826 hectares, with 219 critical points monitored. Sumatra del Sur is still in an emergency alert state from March 8 until October 31, 2019. ISPU in South Sumatra is registered at number 155 with an unhealthy air quality.

The province of West Kalimantan (Kalbar) is also in an emergency alert state, the period is from February 12 to December 31, 2019. The area of ​​forest and land fires in the province until August reached 23,900 hectares with 266 critical points monitored. The standard index of air pollutants in West Kalimantan reached 324 points with dangerous air quality.

The next province that experienced forest and land fires was Kalimantan Central. This province was on an emergency alert from May 28 to August 26, 2019. The area of ​​forest and land fires in the province based on data until August reached 44,769 hectares, while the number of critical points detected was of 810. The standard index of air pollutants in Central Kalimantan reached 409 with dangerous air quality.

Another province that is in a state of emergency in Karhutla is South Kalimantan, which is estimated from June 1 to October 31, 2019. The Karhutla area recorded from August is 19,490 hectares with 74 critical points monitored. The standard index of air pollutants in South Kalimantan shows the number 22 with good air quality.

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