Jos Jos Lbum

On September 28, 2019 at 71 years old, died, in the Miami city, Florida, United States, where he lived with his wife, José José, the Prince of the Song. Although he had suffered from pancreatic cancer, his daughter, Sara Sosa, said that was not the cause of his death. The legend simply had a delicate physical condition.

José Rómulo, his real name, son of José Sosa, tenor opera, and Margarita Ortiz, pianist, was born in Mexico City on February 17, 1948. The famous singer emerged in the Mexican art scene in the 60's, when thriving and fresh foreign rhythms, such as rock and roll, exerted their influence on fashion and young people of that time. However José José left the rebellion aside and opted for romantic ballads, which he always interpreted dressed elegantly in exclusive nightclubs.

His life, however marked by some problems with addictions, was full of musical successes and is, within the musical world, an example of perseverance, overcoming and excellence. His music has transcended the generational barriers, obtaining 200 Gold and Platinum records for the massive sales of his records, making even now, and not only in Mexico, continue to be popular.

The last publication that the singer made on social networks was on June 10, 2019. In this post he thanks his family and followers for the support and affection, commenting that he would be taking therapies to recover health.

His son shared through the social networks the pain of loss with family, friends and followers.


May he live forever, through his music, the Prince of the Song!

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