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More than 1000 aftershocks shook the regions of Ambon, Kairatu and Haruku, in Maluku province, Indonesia.

According to information from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the earthquake of Kairatu, Ambon and Haruku had a magnitude of 6.5 (previously mentioned magnitude 6.8) that occurred on September 26, 2019, and until Friday 4 October 2019 in the morning presented 1006 replicas. Of these movements, 110 were felt by the community.

Statistically, the frequency of earthquakes tends to decrease. The aftershocks will continue until your energy runs out. It can be seen, by the force of these events, that day by day they decrease in strength and quantity.

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Replication data (Source: BMKG)

Meanwhile, according to the Head of the Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Division of the BMKG (Vice President of the HAGI Land Disaster Mitigation Division), Dr. Daryono, the Kairatu earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.5, is a type 1 earthquake, the main type of earthquake preceded by a series of minor tremors, then a major earthquake (main shock), and in the end a series of aftershocks.

The BMKG monitoring results show that before the 6.5 ° earthquake in southern Kairatu, there had been a series of small-scale activities, preliminary tremors. This activity is similar to breaking a wooden board, small cracks appear slowly, before it breaks completely.

The seismicity map of Maluku shows that around the epicenter of the main earthquake there was a group of 30 earthquake centers, with magnitudes between 1.5 and 3.5, recorded since August 28, 2019. This is evidence that the Khairatu earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.5, was the main shock, being preceded by a series of opening earthquakes and followed by a decline in aftershocks.

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