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A total of 13 climbers were caught in a forest fire around the hiking trail through Kalibaru, Mount Raung, East Java.

The 13 climbers caught in the forest fire consisted of two guides and two local porters resident in Banyuwangi, two Indonesian citizens and seven climbers from Singapore.

Banyuwangi's four are Widi, Sam, Sinyo and Putri. Then Lutfi from Jember and F. Jeremy from Jakarta.

Singapore's seven climbers are Ng Hui Lin (23), Kom Jun Wei (25), Shervon Ong (24), Teo Yi Xian (24), Pang Jia Hui (25), Beh Ing Tsyr (23) and Chua Ying Jie (27).

According to information published on the official website of the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), the combined SAR team mobilized two SRUs (Search and Rescue Unit) to evacuate the 13 climbers on Friday, October 4, 2019.

The combined SAR team was composed of the Jember SAR Post team, 851 Rescue, Serdadu Alam, BPBD Banyuwangi, SAR OPA Jember and the surrounding residents.

In the process of evacuating climbers, the combined SAR team received support from several SAR teams, including vertical rescue teams, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), navigation equipment and medical equipment.

The evacuation process was tense because it was carried out amid strong winds and fires that still occurred at various points.

SRU 1 and SRU 2, which were deployed by the combined SAR team of the Combined SAR Post at the Kalibaru Licensing Station, finally managed to find the 13 climbers at the climbing camp 4 of Mount Raung on Saturday, October 5 at 02.36 local time.

According to the information of the Coordinator of the Search and Rescue Post (SAR) of Jember, Asnawi Suroso, the rescuers of the SRU 1 and SRU 2, found the climbers very tired, with burns and blisters.

About an hour later, the SAR combined team redeployed an SRU to assist in the evacuation of the 13 climbers. This third SRU brought additional food, drinks and medical personnel to verify the condition of the climbers.

Before being evacuated to the Kalibaru Post, climbers who suffered burns and abrasions received medical treatment at camp 2 by the Jember SAR medical team, incorporated into SRU 3.

After successfully descending to the Mount Raung Climbing Permit Post through Kalibaru, the climbers underwent further medical examinations by officials of the Kalibaru Community Health Center.

Sumber: www.basarnas.go.id

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