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Hundreds of Mexicans arrived at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Mexico City, where the ASEAN Bazaar (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) was held on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

In addition to Indonesia, the ASEAN Bazaar, which was organized by the Indonesian embassy, ​​which holds the president of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Mexico, also joined 4 other members: Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand.

The Mexicans present mixed with the citizens of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, as well as some visitors from other nations, to enjoy a variety of culinary specialties such as gado-gado, soto, otak-otak and marrow porridge from Indonesia, as well as nasi lemak from Malaysia and other dishes from Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines.

19 12 09 21 34 35 528 DecoIndonesia serves soto and gado-gado in the ASEAN Bazaar (Photo: Quetalmexico)

In addition to the food, the ASEAN Bazaar also presented several cultural attractions from Southeast Asian countries. From Indonesia, which presented the Jaipong Dance, Balinese Dance, Dance Plate and Angklung.

19 12 09 21 29 43 697 DecoForeigners join the dance of Jaipong (Photo: Quetalmexico)

Malaysia, meanwhile, represented a traditional wedding, Thailand offered a martial arts show from Muay Thai and the Philippines with Arnis martial arts.

19 12 09 21 04 45 222 DecoMalaysia represents a traditional wedding in the neighboring country (Photo: Quetalmexico)

19 12 09 21 15 19 880 DecoArnis, a martial arts offering from the Philippines (Photo: Quetalmexico)

The ASEAN Bazaar also offered unique crafts that were exhibited at each of the booths in the participating countries.

According to the Indonesian Ambassador to Mexico, Cheppy T. Wartono, the purpose of the ASEAN Bazaar was to introduce the cultures of ASEAN member countries in Mexico to promote the culture, cuisine and crafts of Southeast Asia .

19 12 09 21 02 30 082 DecoThe Ambassador of Indonesia in Mexico, Cheppy T. Wartono (Photo: Quetalmexico)

While it is planned to celebrate the ASEAN Bazaar as an annual agenda, Ambassador Cheppy admitted that his party will discuss this with other ASEAN countries. The reason for this is that the decision depends on the policy of the country that chairs ASEAN in Mexico, and the president changes every 6 months.

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