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The murder of Fatima, added to the already several violent incidents in schools, which had not occurred until recently in our country (Mexico), has made it necessary to implement some actions to increase safety in schools and prevent kidnapping of students.

At a press conference, Luis Humberto Fernández, who holds the Federal Educational Authority in Mexico City, mentioned that there will actually be no "new measures", but will strictly implement those that already existed in the regulation, such as do not give any minor to any person who does not carry the official identification that authorizes it, and take the children to the mayor's office if the parents or the authorized person do not show up.

Among these measures, Luis Humberto Fernández said that the "change in protocols" is focused on accelerating them. From the phone call of a family or a school manager reporting the disappearance of a minor, the search will begin immediately, without the need for any act or procedure to be fulfilled.

In the same way, all the prosecutions of all the municipalities will be ready to receive kids who have not been picked up in the schools by their parents or guardians.


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