A strong and unusual hail fell a few hours ago in Chiapas, in the vicinity of the famous and tourist town San Cristobal de las Casas.

Despite the unusual hail, in an area where it is usually hot, and more in these recent weeks, people sew the event with joy and took the opportunity to take pictures and share them on social networks.

The segment of the road San Cristóbal-Teopisca was covered with ice and the sky was whitened with the storm.

Without major incidents that some culverts temporarily obstructed by hail in the center of San Cristobal, which provoked a passing flood, they were recommended to the drivers to drive with caution.

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— Max Sánchez. (@Maxsanch)2 de mayo de 2019

Some people commented about the good side of the ice rain,  the extreme heat that dominated the area could be faced for a while, and it was even mentioned that it could help to extinguish forest fires.

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