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Living in the fasting month of Ramadan in Mexico has become commonplace for the families of Karina Rahmita (Lola) and Heru Haryansah, both of whom have migrated away from Indonesia for years.

Lola and Hero have lived in several countries, from Canada, through Japan, to Mexico. During their travels the couple was blessed with a beautiful son, who got used to fasting in a society with a different culture. As this year, Lola, Heru and their son, Alexander Yudhistira Haryansah, commonly called Odin, began fasting in the country of the hat.

"Yes, we prepare for fasting, physically and mentally, of course, because the duration of the fast here is longer," Lola said, referring that in Mexico the duration of the fast is longer than Indonesia.

Lola recognized that the arrival of Ramadan helped change a series of family habits. "Due to fasting, the habit of drinking coffee and going out to eat is automatically reduced," explained Lola. As for the Sahur and the breaking of the fast, Lola revealed that she always prioritizes with her beloved husband and son, considering that now they are far from their numerous families in Indonesia.


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"To continue feeling the atmosphere of Ramadan as in Indonesia, we prepared additional menus typical of fasting, such as frozen fruit, bubur kachang (mashed sweet beans) and compote," said Lola.

Lola revealed, in addition, that she and all of them were fasting with sincerity, without making them a burden. For Lola and Heru, as parents, fasting in different climates, environments and different communities is certainly not a problem.

But the case is different from that of the son, Odin, who just turned 7 years old and his friends at school asked him many questions about fasting.

"Yes, the problem is that there are no Muslims in the school, so it's a wonder," Lola explained.


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