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Anjali Kinanthi Kusumo Moncada, a girl of Indonesian-Mexican descent, looks like a normal girl. But who had thought there was a small collection of achievements and confidence?

Yes, at the age of only eight, Anjali Kusumo won a black belt in taekwondo. But not only that, the second daughter of the couple Fitra Ismu Kusumo and Dulce Moncada won gold medals in several amateur competitions and minor national taekwondo matches throughout Mexico.

19 07 10 20 22 48 801 DecoThe Anjali medal collection (Photo: Private)

At least 30 gold medals have been won by this little girl born in Mexico City in the discipline of taekwondo, both in Poomsae and Kyorugi classes.

According to his father, Fitra Ismu, Anjali became interested in studying taekwondo since she was 4 years old. Unexpectedly, it turned out that her interest in the sport of martial arts was very serious, so much that, at his young age, she already has a black belt, something that few achieve.

The talent and abilities of Anjali, who is currently studying at the British School, in the State of Querétaro, in Mexico, is increasingly sharpened, after participating continuously in martial arts competitions in the country of Sombrero.

19 07 10 20 18 02 047 DecoAnjali (in red) in a competition of the Kyorugi class

Fitra admitted that although she often won gold medals, there have been competitions in which Anjali has lost against another opponent. However, Fitra emphasized, in the defeat she must still be grateful, before the important lesson of how to accept a defeat.

In addition, Fitra revealed that he expects, although to date Anjali has never visited Indonesia, that his princess, who has dual citizenship (Mexico and Indonesia), can compete on behalf of Indonesia in international taekwondo competitions.

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