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The presidential and parliamentary elections, for the Indonesian Republic, celebrated of April 13 in Mexico City, left a serie of interesting stories, especially for young Indonesians living in the Sombrero country.

Although they live far from their homeland, these young people are as excited as their friends in Indonesia to participate in the elections.

As I was told by the sisters Katia Sondang Sitompul, or Katie, and Anggarani Rumondang Sitompul, or Anggie, whose parents are both from Indonesia, although they were born and raised in the country of Mariachis.

Anggie says that this 2019 election was the first one in which she participated, which is why she feels especially excited. 

19 04 24 15 07 14 014 DecoAnggie & Katie (Picture: Private Doc.)

Being away from homeland was not an excuse for Anggie and Katie to not be aware of recent figures in Indonesia, for presidential candidates, vice presidents, and candidates for people's representatives in the 2019 elections.

They kept informed to choose the best candidate. After being sure of their choice, the two beautiful girls attended, to vote in person, to the Indonesian Embassy in the celebration of the TPSLN in Mexico City.

As a beginning voter, Anggie, who is now 20, admitted that she was confused. It is understandable, despite having received an explanation of the voting procedure this is the first time she actually votes directly.

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Anggie in the voting booth

The situation is different for his sister, Katie, who is an architecture student at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), one of the most important universities in Mexico. For her, the 2019 election is the second time she participates, and she was calmer and more understanding.

19 04 24 15 41 09 389 DecoSitompul Family(Picture: Private Doc.)

The daughters of the couple: Rini and Wilson Sitompul, expressed their desire that the holding of elections in the country be carried out smoothly, safely and fairly for a better Indonesia. (Eti)

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