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Liverpool's success in winning the European Champions League title in the 2018/2019 season was greeted by an uproar from the Liverpudlians. The Reds shared their happiness celebrating the victory touring the city with their supporters. Here is the special coverage of Florence Nathania directly from Liverpool.

Heavy head, tired body, sleep and hangover. That is what many fans experienced when they woke up on Sunday, after the party until dawn, after filling the streets of Liverpool on the eve of victory for the UEFA Champions League Cup of Europe 2019.

Thanks to the tour, thousands of fans, also from many parts of the world, had the opportunity to see their heroes and their trophies directly, marching through the city with open roof buses.

Although the parade was scheduled for 4 pm, the city had already turned red since 1 pm, almost at the same time the team was landing at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool from Madrid. Klopp, Salah, Mané and their friends paraded from the south-east of Liverpool, surrounding the city, combing the banks of the Mersey River and finishing in The Strand, an area where there are several museums and icons of the city, such as the Liver House and the Historic shipyard Royal Albert Dock.

FB IMG 1559681668599Thousands of fans waiting for their heroes (Photo: Florence Nathania)

Around 3, I arrived at the front intersection of John Moore University to wait for the group. On the road, under a pedestrian bridge, I climbed to a higher area where many fans had done it before, safe from fines, I think. Old people, young people, young children, curious people and migrants crowded around and looked for the best places to see.

FB IMG 1559608672055Liverpudlian climbed a door (Photo: Florence Nathania)

Even though the group had not arrived, the atmosphere was not calm. Cars and bicycles passed honking, interspersed with shouts and songs from the fans, as well as the fluttering of flags.

Several cars were seen intentionally through the line of the parade, which aroused the excitement of waiting. Public service bus drivers also honked when they passed the route.

According to a local newspaper, I chose one of the best points to observe. It was not bad, when the parade bus finally passed, around 6 pm, I could see van Dijk from a distance of less than 10 meters.

After the escort of a police car passed the vehicle of the media. They followed behind vehicles of entertainment instruments that carried loudspeakers to play the songs of the club, in addition to firing red fireworks and confetti.

Only Andy Robertson, who was seen in the front row of buses and friends, passed and shared happiness with his supporters. One by one, the players on the right side of the bus began to appear, until the goalkeeper Alisson Becker, who was behind the bus with glasses and a circular scarf on his head, showed a cup of pride to the audience.

19 06 04 15 34 07 664 DecoWellcome Champions! (Photo: Florence Nathania)

Because the LFC is a young team, many of them simply feel like champions in the prestigious world competition. Feeling the energy and enthusiasm for the celebration of the young players was transmitted to us.

Following behind them was a bus for the family followed by hundreds of scattered fans running to follow the group behind him. Less satisfied just to watch a while, after the group passed, I and many other fans walked to take a shortcut to the Pier Head, in front of the Liver Building.

There were people who, to be able to see, climbed surrounding buildings and even fences of churches and traffic lights. It created a sweet but festive atmosphere when the song "You'll Never Walk Alone" began to resonate.

FB IMG 1559608975268Celebrating the Reds victory (Photo: Florence Nathania)

Liverpool FC joined the acquisition of the Champions Cup, and it remains the English football club with the most players, after beating Tottenham Hotspur of London 2-0 with a penalty in the first minutes of Mohamed Salah and a goal by Divock Origi.

This club is known for its proximity to its fans spread all over the world. There are 90 official fan clubs around the world, including the Great Reds in Indonesia.

In Mexico there are several unofficial fan clubs in Spanish and English, with more than 5 thousand followers.

The charm of Liverpool is inseparable from "Liverpool Way", a phrase that does not have an exact definition. I interpret this concept as a spirit of interaction between teams and fans, where fans are part of the team and become the 12th player in the green field. No matter what the final outcome of the game, Liverpool Way means support in joy and pain.

Do you still remember the action of the players and the managers singing with the fans after the second semifinal match at Anfield? That is a test of why the LFC is always loved and loves its supporters. We are never going to stop. Come on, come on, come on.

 Florence Nathania, periodista, viajera y blogera (https://www.facebook.com/wordsofact/)

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