Laki Laki Suku Baduy

People who have never been with Baduy Tribe maybe think that their community is scary, inaccessible because the location in the middle of nowhere. But the reality is so different.

The Baduy people (or Badui) are a traditional Bantenese community living in the southeastern part of the Indonesian province of Banten, near Rangkasbitung. They are considered an uncontacted people, a group who are almost completely isolated from the outside world.

Kampung Gajeboh BaduyBaduy Village

The Baduy are divided into two sub-groups; Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy), and Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy). No foreigners were allowed to meet the Inner Baduy, though the Outer Baduy do foster some limited contacts with the outside world. (

The distance from Inner Baduy to Outer Baduy is about 10 km on foot. Customs in the Inner Baduy are more stringent, for example, we cannot take a bath using soap in rivers and it only allow to use small oil lamps at night. Meanwhile in the Outer Baduy still have shower cubicles available for shower.

Rumah 2BSuku 2BBaduyBaduy houses

 Before there was KRL (electric train), it was a bit difficult to reach Baduy community. We should take a poor train condition from Jakarta to Rangkasbitung. But after KRL was implemented, the trip to Baduy became easy.

We only need to take the KRL from Tanah Abang train station to Rangkasbitung with a cost of Rp 13,000 for 2 hours of travel, and then connected by public transportation to Ciboleger with cost around Rp. 25,000 for 2 hours to reach destination. From Ciboleger we must walk through the forest around 1 hour a distance about 2 kilometers to arrive at Baduy village.

Jalan Menembus Suku BaduyThe way to reach Baduy Village

After third times I visited this traditional community, I realized many things changed in the Outer Baduy. I saw the streets that were originally land changed to be stepping stones to make it easier for pedestrians, houses that were more tidy and human beings who became more open.

But Baduy still the same in my memory. This place is not just a touristic area for me, but more for enlighten my mind and rearrange my perspective.

As a person who lives in Jakarta, I don't need to to seek sensation by being shocked to sleep in halls, shower in open showers, eat salted fish or darken without electricity.

I prefer to enter the minds of the Baduy people who are simple, present and peaceful. Even I admire the way they meet on the streets, they stop to greeting each other warmly, like ants who meet their brother.

Because all of those reasons, I prefer to go to Baduy alone, so that I can live in their midst maximally, even only for a few days.

Many kind activities that we can do in Baduy. We can go to the river, walk around the village that already connected with bamboo bridges and stone streets, also we can join a Baduy to go their farm, together with Baduy women to learn how to weave, or visit the Inner Baduy Community.

Anak Anak Suku Baduy Yang CantikBeautiful Baduy girls

I love Baduy since the first time I visit them. Dark nights under the moonlight and stars, cold air that makes the body shiver, the sound of dogs barking from the forest, men humming Sundanese songs while walking in the dark, the sound of footsteps roaring in the stillness of the night, and soft laughter of the girls sitting on the porch of the house while waiting for sleepy to come.

Sometimes I wish that the night does not pass quickly when I'm staying at the Baduy, because the nights in this village are wonderfull. It has open my mind, cleaning up a lot of garbage in my head and presenting new positive energies.

As long as this Baduy village exists, I will always come back to visit them (Tary).


Tary Lestari, Author, Scriptwriter & Blogger:

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