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The winding road, flanked by leafy green trees, suddenly becomes the entrance to the Laguna Zempoala, a beautiful lagoon that is about an hour and a half from the Mexican capital, Mexico City.

The Zempoala Lagoon is located within the Lagunas de Zempoala National Park, located between the states of Morelos and the State of Mexico.

Within the National Park, surrounded by pine forests, oyameles and oaks, there are 7 lagoons: Quila, the largest, then Zempoala, then Compila, Tonatihua, Laguna Seca, Laguna Prieta and Hueyapan. Unfortunately, of the seven lakes, only two are permanent, because the others are drying up.

Taman Nasional Danau Zempoala
Zempoala National Park

In the area of ​​the Zempoala lagoon there are several activities that visitors can perform. For example, you can rent a water bike for $100 pesos for 30 minutes. You can also go hiking around the lagoon or inside the forest to explore its beauty.

Salah Satu Aktifitas Di Danau Zempoala
Activities in the Zempoala lagoon

You can also walk around the place in Mexican cownboy style. You can rent a horse for around $ 100 pesos for half an hour.

In addition to hiking, you can go cycling, to know the surroundings individually, in groups or even with a guide who knows the area to go further between the trails, the hills and the lagoons.

19 04 26 00 12 21 471 DecoView of the Zempoala lagoon from the hills

For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the night at the shores of a lagoon, it is possible to camp on the banks of the calm waters of the Zempoala lagoon; It is an experience worth choosing.

Public facilities, such as restrooms and toilets, are available for visitors. Local handicraft merchants sell their products with courtesy without disturbing tourist activities.

Sejumlah Restoran Sederhana Di Tepi Danau Zempoala
Restaurants on the shores of the Zempoala lagoon

A variety of Mexican delights such as quesadillas, tacos, pambazos, cecina and champurrado are ready to pamper the visitor's stomach, in a line of simple restaurants lined up near the shore of the lagoon. It should be mentioned that restaurants only open on weekends, and only one also on holidays, other days you are by your own shoes.

But if you want to save money, or like cooking, you can bring your own food to prepare it on the spot in one of the many grills for free use, for visitors, and enjoy a picnic on the shores of the lagoon, with the friends or family.

To get to the Zempoala lagoon from Mexico City you can use the bus to Cuernavaca and stop at Tres Marías. From there you can take another bus that takes you to Huitzilac. From Huitzilac, take a taxi or bus in dirección to Toluca, but ask the driver to take you down at the entrance to the Zempoala lagoon.

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I you decide to go by your own car, from Mexico City, you must take the federal highway 95 that leads to Cuernavaca or the Mexico-Cuernavaca toll highway. In both cases, when you arrive at the town of Tres Marías), take the road to Huitzilac and continue a few kilometers further to the entrance to the Zempoala lagoon. Parking and admission are free.





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