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The golden sparkle of the twilight tinge on the western horizon seemed to sweep over the blue tapestry that afternoon. Far away from the horizon, a number of surfers competed to conquer the swell of the swelling waves. While some others choose to sit relax on the soft white sand while enjoying the natural beauty hidden in the south of Java, Sawarna Beach.

 Sawarna Beach is a collection of exotic beaches with a coast length of 65 km. It is located in Sawarna Village, Bayah District, Lebak Regency, Banten Province. This beach tourist destination has become known for tourism lovers, especially from the middle to lower class since the last few years.

The beauty of its unique beaches with a stretch of white sand combined with green fenced corals of beautiful hills is one of the attractions of this region to be visited. A number of exotic tourist destinations are ready to spoil the tourists with charming panorama treats, including Ciantir beach, Tanjung Layar Beach, Teraje Reef, Lalay Cave, Langir Cave and Goa Seribu Candi (Cave of a thousand temples).

Pantai CiantirCiantir Beach

Ciantir Beach

Ciantir Beach offers a panoramic view of the beach with soft white sand that blends with the green hills. The magnitude of the waves did not dampen the interest of tourists to enjoy the fresh sea water by swimming on the sloping shore.


Tanjung Layar Beach

Tanjung Layar Beach presents two large corals that coincide like a ship's screen as a background with ornate rock and flat like the floor of a ship. This beach is an icon of Sawarna Beach. That's why it's not complete if you vacation on Sawarna Beach without visiting this unique beach.

 Sawarna   Amanecer
Sunrise at Sawarna Coast

Teraje Reef

For tourists who want to see a spectacular sunset panorama, the right choice is to visit Teraje Reef. At this location the tourists will be spoiled with the beauty of an exotic sunset panorama from above a cluster of coral towering along the coast.


Lalay Cave

Goa Lalay or Lalay Cave is located at the foot of Bukit Pasir Tangkil, which is located in the area of ​​Cipanas Village in the tourist village of Sawarna. This cave is called Lalay or bat in Sundanese, because it used to be a nest of thousands of bats.

To enter the cave, visitors must always be careful. Because even though it has a fairly wide entrance but the roof is quite low. While in the cave there is a small stream that is slightly slippery and muddy. Lalay Cave is estimated to have a length of more than 2 kilometers. But because of the narrowing of the cave path, visitors are only allowed to explore up to 400 meters deep.

Langir Cave

Langir Cave Beach is about 2 km from the center of the tourist village of Sawarna. Its location in a cliff and hidden basin is quite difficult to find without the help of a local guide.

The road to the cave Langir is slightly uphill with rocks and gravel on it. But after arriving in front of the cave mouth, it turns out the struggle is still not over.

Because tourists will be forced to enter the cave door which is quite small with a decreasing entrance. The exhausting struggle into Langir Cave finally paid off as soon as we arrived in the cave. Because even though the entrance to the cave is quite narrow, but the room in the cave is quite large with an amazing panorama. 

 Sawarna   Cueva
Underground Waterfall  in Sawarna Cave

Goa Seribu Candi (Cave of A Thousand Temples)

Goa Seribu Candi or Cave A Thousand Temples gives a gift of panoramic views of the stalagmites and towering stalagites resembling small temples in them. No wonder then that this cave was named Cave of a thousand temples. (Eti)



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