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Cosmetology is the science that studies the art of using makeup to show own of other beauty, and cover and conceal imperfections in the face.

A makeup artist must have a high sense of art and many skills, especially those who are involved in the world of entertainment, and especially in the field of acting, both in film and television.

Cosmetology in the world of acting has the purpose of forming an artistic support for the actors in the job. The makeup in the cinema and television is classified in 3 kinds: beautiful facial makeup, smink makeup and makeup characterization.

In history, the makeup of the feature was used in the theater since the Renaissance. Then and now is an essential step in the preparation of the person who will act before entering the scene.

Boom of the makeup world characterization is seen towards the 1990s, among Cosplay fans, especially in Japan, Asia and other Western countries, who will know how to make good use of costumes, makeup and accessories to characterize themselves or others , whether for its transformation into comics, cartoons, anime, manga, film, videogame character and others.

Renza Moors, a woman from Indonesia, Jakarta, who currently resides in Mexico City, is a fan and performer of Characterization Makeup.

This beautiful woman admits that it takes at least 4 hours to complete the composition of the character "Mystic", a mutant woman with blue skin who belongs to the world of comics and movies of X-Men. Everything need, for this woman of 37 years, is a color for the body and face, a wig and a lot of skill.

19 06 06 20 33 33 015 DecoInten become Mystique, Makeup by Renza Moors (Foto: Inten) 

Renza herself is currently taking a professional makeup course at the IDIP Cosmetology Training Center in Mexico, in the Polanco area, Mexico City.

It does not require investing too much to buy professional makeup equipment with sufficient colors that are, in addition, safe for the face and body of human beings, and other necessary accessories.

Thanks to technology this makeup, which does not irritate the skin, can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

The following characterization, also performed by Renza, is "La Catrina", a stark woman, only the skeleton, elegantly dressed in the typical Mexican style of the post-Revolutionary upper classes, wearing a characteristic hat or headdress with floral decoration, which is a description related to Death in Mexico.

From the multicolored dotted stages, to shape the bones of the skull, til the floral accessories, the face of a person is characterized in the famous skull that represents the Day of the Dead festivity, one of the symbols of Death that has become tradition and is celebrated on a large scale in Mexico to honor Dead every October and early November.

IMG 20190606 WA0005Renza, the artist, & Inten, as La Catrina (Foto: Inten)

Renza dabbled in the Art of Makeup Characterization due in part to the graduation requirements for her Makeup Diploma. She admitted that at first it was difficult to make a characterization, but then she was amazed by the results she got.

A satisfactory result makes Renza become addicted and do it again. Now Renza is determined to be more serious with her career in the field of Characterization Makeup, because for her this field has its own challenges. At least 9 are needed for someone who has already formally studied Makeup to obtain the Characterization Makeup Diploma.

IMG 20190606 WA0004Renza, preparing Inten for a new Character (Foto: Inten)

Meanwhile, Inten, a woman from Bali, who is the make-up model for Renza's characterizations, claimed to be able to express herself and become the desired character, immediately and at the same time with makeup performance.

For Inten, as for Renza the Makeup of Characterization, being a model is something new, a challenge for these women who live in the Mexican capital. The characterization goes on, after Mystique and La Catrina Inten is ready to become someone totally different.

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