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A series of traditional Indonesian foods ranging from bakso (Indonesian meatballs), Padang-style rice, to vegetable rice cake, and cendol snow (a sweet dessert layered in coconut milk) encouraged the Indonesian people's festival, in celebration of their Independence, which was held on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at Quinta Colorada, within the Chapultepec Forest, in Mexico City.

 19 08 12 17 01 06 613 DecoPadang rice and meatballs are one of the main dishes typical of Indonesia

In addition to being spoiled with a special food bazaar, Indonesian citizens who were present also entertained themselves with various performances of the traditional arts of the archipelago.

19 08 12 16 54 29 438 DecoIndonesian teenagers present one of Indonesia's traditional dances

The party of the Indonesian people, which celebrates the 74th anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Indonesia, also had the participation of the special performance of the Cempaka Putih martial arts group.

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Performance of the martial arts group Cempaka Putih

Before the gastronomic bazaar and artistic performances at the Cultural Forum of the Quinta Colorada, an informal walk was made, from the Fountain of Nezahualcóyotl to the Quinta, in which several Indonesians and their families participated.

19 08 12 16 47 58 488 DecoThe walk of Indonesian citizens and their families

The event encouraged even more with the delivery of the prizes at the door to those who won them at the time and to the winners of a previous competition held on August 17.

For his part, the Indonesian ambassador to Mexico City, Cheppy T. Wartono, wished that all Indonesian citizens in Mexico, their families and friends, could enjoy the party and delight themselves with food.

19 08 12 16 58 10 651 DecoIndonesian Ambassador to Mexico, Cheppy T. Wartono with his wife, Yosepha Dewi Ariesanti

Ambassador Wartono, accompanied by his wife, Yosepha Dewi Ariesanti, advised Indonesian citizens in Mexico to stay together to build and maintain national pride, and to make Indonesia known to Mexico, which is not yet well known between the people of the country Hat.

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